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New York City has over 2 million vehicles and some of the highest accident and damage rates in the entire country. It's a recipe for profit in the auto repair industry for those shops that know how to do it right. To succeed, you have to be an expert in ALL areas of the business.


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NYCARA is a New York City-based trade organization dedicated to helping auto repair businesses and professionals navigate this challenging industry landscape.
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How does NYCARA help repair shops?


Now is an ever changing, yet exciting time for auto repair. Stay up to date on the latest in the industry, including things like Safety Systems, Insurance Company Dynamics, and changing regulations.

NYCARA routinely throws Educational Seminars for the five boroughs, to keep you and your shop up-to-date. We also have member meetings, which happen quarterly, which serve as an industry snapshot as well as advance the interests of our members.


Whether we like it or not, our industry is TECHNICAL. That means understanding the in's and out's of both the vehicles we service, as well as the equipment that helps us get the job done.

NYCARA partners with equipment manufacturers, technical institutes and independent repair shops to provide product demonstrations and training to NYCARA members to help them perform their best and stay ahead of the curve.


 The business of auto repair goes beyond technical know-how and understanding. At the end of the day you want to do more than cover your mortgage or bills. We'll teach you how to get or remain profitable.

NYCARA has both a Resource Center on the website as well as workshops on how to run a profitable business, along with specific ideas and recommendations depending on the size, nature, location, and desires of your business.


New York City is notoriously difficult when it comes to the legality of auto repair. What signs do you need in your shop? What laws are about to pass or change, and how will it affect your day-to-day-operations?

NYCARA actively researches New York laws in the auto repair industry, and notifies members in it's newsletter, meetings and email blasts about what your business needs to do to prepare, act, and react to industry legislation.

Marketing/Customer Care

Attracting and keeping customers is the single most important thing a business can do to be profitable. But, in the world of digital and changing customer wants and needs, how do you keep up?

NYCARA already has marketing professionals from other areas on its board from both auto repair and other industries. Many of our events and workshops will include navigating the "softer side" of the business-- marketing and customer service. 


 Another often overlooked area of the business, attracting and retaining talent is an enormous challenge to overcome. But, without cracking the management code, you CAN'T grow a business.

NYCARA employs management professionals in both the auto repair industry and other industries as board members. We also find experts in their fields to come in and speak during meetings, seminars and workshops about the perils of being a manager and how to overcome them.

Consulting Services

 All members receive free of charge, round-the-clock consulting services for any of the above topics. How do I start a social media presence? How do I hire the right people? From small questions to large projects, we will either help you or find experts to help.

NYCARA partners with marketing, legal and consulting agencies to get you the best quality work at fair prices for any project you're looking to do to help grow your business. Become a member to enjoy all of our services.