About Us

NYCARA is a not-for-profit organization in the five boroughs that unites us as Auto Repairers first. No matter the size of your shop, how long you’ve been in the business, or where you want to go, NYCARA was created with you in mind.

We have already received overwhelming support from many industry-leading manufacturers and experts to hold seminars, create content, and develop programs just for the members of this new organization. We want to attract primarily the five boroughs—as New Yorkers, there are many region-specific issues that the rest of the country and the world just don’t understand about owning and operating a successful auto repair business. However, if you're in a surrounding area (Long Island, Westchester, etc.) and feeling as though your local trade organization offerings are lacking, we accept shops from ALL areas.

For example, New York Auto Repairers deal with things like space and lease constraints, difference in Insurance Laws and fierce competition in a way that most other areas of the country simply don’t encounter. But, together, we can navigate and succeed in this difficult area that we all call home.

Next Steps...

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