Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out NYCARA's most frequently-asked questions below.

What’s NYCARA?

NYCARA is the New York City Auto Repair Association, and is the New York area's premier trade organization for auto repairers. We are a not-for-profit, 501 (c)3 corporation. All dues are charged to cover costs.

Who can join?

If you own or work for an auto repair shop, body shop, or service department of a car dealership, you can join NYCARA.

You can also join if you're a student at a technical institute and pursuing a degree or profession in the automotive field. Click here to see our student membership (must upload proof of Student ID with purchase). If you're an automotive repair professional, you can join with prior approval.

If you're an associated company and want to be a sponsor, please email us at for more information.

What kind of events do you have?

Along with member meetings (free for all members), we'll occasionally create and host events, including: Educational Seminars/Talks, Professional Panel Discussions, Technical Demonstrations, Trade Shows, and Hiring/Career Events.

There's also a free interest event coming up open to non-members, where we'll discuss some of the membership perks, along with a quick discussion on some hot topics in the industry. Click here to register.

What is your return/refund policy?

For any memberships, the time frame to return is 24 hours from the purchase time, including weekends and holidays. For student memberships, the time frame is also 24 hours (even though you may take up to 72 hours to upload your proof of enrollment).


What about the equipment discount?

One of NYCARA's founding members has offered to partner with us to offer automotive equipment discounts to our members, in order to both increase membership/interest in NYCARA and give better deals to those shops that demonstrate care and effort for their industry.

LIFTNOW is the New York Tristate Area's largest distributor of automotive equipment, carrying leading lines of tire machines, balancers, alignment equipment and lifts. The main brands are Hunter and Rotary.

To qualify for the discount, you must be a NYCARA Silver or Gold member. Upon mentioning your membership to LIFTNOW (by calling or emailing them, you will be given members-only pricing not available to the general public.

Does my membership count for myself or my entire shop?

The membership can be designated for either a singular professional or an entire shop, but event, merchandise and equipment discounts may only be used on behalf of one person.

For example, if Joe's Repair Shop has 5 people and  Joe wants to purchase a membership, he may do so under "Joe's Repair Shop", but only HE may get a discounted or free event ticket, e.g. he cannot bring 5 people to an event for one ticket.